They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, same applies to Mumbai. This is an off-beat 4-hour tour where you will see Mumbai from a wide angle, a variety of places to visit with the mode of travelling will be walking and public transport. You will see the historic sites with their relevant Gothic architecture, the cultural side of Mumbai where you will see people offering their prayers and morning rituals, as well as feeding the cows as a kind gesture toward them. You will also take a local train ride, however you need not worry about the crowds as you will be traveling on non-busy routes. Visit places such as the Gateway of India, Flower Market, Dhobighat and CST train station. It's like serving Mumbai on a plate.

Welcome to Mumbai. In the morning, your tour guide will meet you at the starting point at Colaba, and begin with brief'introduction about the group and the tour. The tour starts with a walking tour which includes historic sites such as the Gateway of India, the Royal Bombay Yacht Club and the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, along with its surrounding sites.

Next up is the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly the Victoria Terminus, beautiful railway station built in 1888. This fabulous piece of history is too beautiful to just be a train station. Take a train ride to reach your next colorful destination, the flower marketplace. You will be awestruck by the quantity of flowers and many types that are available to purchase. From roses, marigolds to lilies to zucchini flowers, we shall take a break for some Indian snacks over here.

Once you are done exploring the vibrant flower market and enjoying your'snacks, proceed to'Dhobighat, the open air laundry. You will be astonished to see the volume of work being done here. Big brands to local laundry shops alike have their cloths laundered here. You will see how they handle such high volumes without any concrete paperwork.

'Take a train to Churchgate Station to witness the dabbawallas at work, the Tiff-in delivery system which has a six sigma rating and has been a case study at Harvard University. Your guide will explain you how they work and how they manage to get such a high ratings which only a few global corporations have achieved.

After 4 hours of exploration, your tour ends at Churchgate Station.

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