Visit Dharavi slum with a local guide on a 3-hour, private tour of the impoverished Mumbai neighborhood that's considered one of the world's largest slums. Get personal insight into daily life in Dharavi by exploring with a local, and see how slum residents use innovation and creativity to survive in a challenging environment.

Make your way to a meeting point near the Mahim Railway Station, and meet a local guide for the walk to Dharavi. Begin at the top of a bridge, where you'll get an overview of the slum's commercial areas, where residents recycle plastic, aluminum, oil, paint, tin cans, and cardboard. You will also see soap manufacturing, bakeries, and workshops for leather- and cloth-dying.

Continue to the residential part of Dharavi, and follow narrow alleys through the slum's tiny houses. Throughout the walk, the guide will share stories about life in Dharavi, and explain the ways that the slum is changing over time. See the Dharavi market place, where vendors sell fruit, vegetables, sweets, and dried fruits, then visit four different schools to meet the children who live in Dharavi. The final stop on your tour of Dharavi is Kumbharwada, a neighborhood of pottery workshops that produce finely-worked earthen lamps, dishes, and more.

This tour concludes with drop-off at Mahim Railway Station.

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