This is a private tour of the largest slum area in the whole of Asia, called'as Dharavi, home to nearly one million people. Combining it with a Bollywood tour, you'll be sure to gain much insight into the rich local culture of Mumbai.

At your selected departure time, your guide will pick you up from your hotel or requested location. Head to Dharavi, which is the heart of small scale industry in Mumbai. Experience a wide range of activities such as recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, soap-making and leather tanning.

When passing through the residential spaces, you will feel the sense of community and spirit that exists in the area. People from all over India live in Dharavi, and this diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques and churches that stand here side by side. A tour through Dharavi's narrow alleys is quite an adventure.

After your walking tour of the Dharavi slums, see the glamorous side of Mumbai as you drive past the homes of famous screen stars of the Bollywood film industry. Be it Shah Rukh Khan's "Mannat" or Salman Khan's "Galaxy Apartments", they're all fascinating.

Then you will be taken to have'glimpse of Bollywood film-making. You will be visiting'a movie set to witness live shooting and gain insights. Depending on the schedule, you might even get to click pictures with some renowned actors of today.

At the end of your tour, your guide will drop you back off to your hotel. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets