Private Mumbai Home Vegetarian Cooking Class With Crawford Market Visit And Lunch

Get to know a bit of Mumbai's culinary culture with a private cooking class and market tour led by a local home cook. You'll meet Pallavi at her apartment and head to bustling Crawford Market to pick up fruits and vegetables for your cooking lesson. Then return home for a hands-on experience, learning how to make a well-balanced, authentic meal of Gujarati vegetarian food served on a silver 'thali' platter. Dishes may include a lentil dish, fried puffed bread, sweet yogurt, or a seasonal veggie dish.

When you arrive at Pallavi's elegant apartment in South Mumbai, be welcomed with a cup of chaas (buttermilk) and Gujarati snacks such as dhokla (made from rice and fermented chickpea batter), khandvi (a savory bite-sized snack), or patra (rolled colocasia leaves).

Hear a bit about Pallavi's culinary history'how she learned to cook from various members of her family. Then head to Crawford Market to peruse local fruits and vegetables for your cooking class. This is a huge marketplace where you can find anything and everything you could possibly need for your kitchen or home.

Once back at the apartment, meet the family maharaj (cook) and begin your cooking lesson. Pallavi and the maharaj will teach you to make shrikhand (a sweet yogurt-based dish), puris (fried bread), and sweet daal (a famous Gujarati lentil dish). Then sit down to enjoy lunch, which in addition to the dishes you helped prepare, may also include baingan bhartha (roasted eggplant with onions and tomatoes), bajra roti (flatbread), aloo and gobi sabzi (stir-fried potato and cauliflower), other seasonal vegetables, and will end with the shrikhand. The meal is served on a silver thali, a fancy platter that provides the royal treatment.

Leave Pallavi's home with new recipes, a full stomach, and a unique experience of Mumbai culture.

Please note: Pallavi only cooks vegetarian food and does not serve alcohol. This is not a professional cooking class, but an experience inside a real home where you can get to know a local person and share a meal together.

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