Private Mumbai Home Cooking Lesson With Grand Road Market Visit And Lunch

Experience a taste of Mumbai during a private market visit, cooking class, and authentic meal with a passionate cook. Meet Mahrukh at her apartment in South Mumbai, where you will be greeted with a traditional Parsi raspberry soda before heading to Grand Road Market to discover local fruits and vegetables for your cooking class. Return home for a hands-on lesson with Mahrukh, who shows you how to prepare some of her signature Parsi dishes. Enjoy the meal you helped create, and leave with recipes to take home.

Your Mumbai culinary experience begins as you meet Mahrukh, your host and cooking instructor, at her apartment in South Mumbai. After a refreshing raspberry soda and a chat, go together to Grand Road Market where Mahrukh shows you how she chooses her fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish. She will share her deep knowledge of her region's culinary origins and how the local cuisine was later influenced and expanded by the British and Gujarati people.'

Returning home, Mahrukh shows you how to prepare some of her signature dishes like akuri (scrambled eggs), chicken pulao and daal (chicken with basmati rice topped with browned onions and lentils). Then enjoy your traditional meal, which might also include items such as saria and lagan nu achaar (rice crisps served with homemade date pickle), tam tamata prawns (prawns in a spicy, tangy sauce), jardalu na gosht (lamb slow-cooked in an apricot gravy topped with crisp salli), roast chicken, or lagan nu custard (dense, luscious baked caramel custard topped with nuts and served with vermicelli and sweet yogurt).

At the end of your cooking lesson, leave Mahrukh's apartment with your new recipes.

Please note: This is a meat-heavy meal and Mahrukh does not offer vegetarian cuisine. Alcohol is not served in this home. Mahrukh's apartment is on the 6th floor; the elevator only operates to the 5th floor, you'll need to walk up one flight of stairs to reach her apartment. Please remember, this is not a professional cooking class but rather an experience in an authentic, local home where you can meet a resident and share the culture and cuisine together.

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