Learn about traditional spices and Indian cooking techniques with a local family in Mumbai. Discover the culture and cuisine inside an Indian kitchen and learn how to prepare classic dishes, such as paranthas, paneer, chicken and chapattis.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Mumbai at 11am or 3pm, depending on your selection.

Immerse yourself in Indian culture and dine with a local family with this unique 5-hour experience. It will introduce you to the Indian lifestyle, the traditions of home life, and the importance of family in Indian culture. Naturally, you will learn about the food too!

Happily, for all its progress, India still doesn't have long aisles of canned foods in its stores. We invite you to spend a day with an extended Indian family and partake in the culinary pleasures they are keen to share.'You will be welcomed into their home in a traditional way and enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic drink while interacting with the family.

First you will be introduced to the spice box, ready to yield its fragrant secrets. While researchers bend over microscopes to ferret out the healing properties of cumin and turmeric, we merrily pop them into our woks, confident that they will heal wounds and cure coughs, because grandma said so.

You will learn to cook authentic Indian meal in 3 hours.'Participate'in the cooking of your dinner with your teacher/host. You can select from two menu options:

Option 1:'Non-vegetarian menu
Demonstration of lentil soup, Indian paneer (cottage cheese), chicken dish, fish moielee , rice and pea pulao serve along with paranthas (Indian bread), and beetroot raita (curd).

Option 2 :'Vegetarian menu
Demonstration of coastal egg masala,Vegetable stew,Kadai paneer, Lentil soup,Pea and rice pulao served along with Paranthas,beetroot raita and Kheer.

If you have any particular dish you would like to learn,'you can also request this in advance.

Finish the experience by'enjoying your home-cooked meal with your host.'This is not just a tour, but also a learning experience and an adventure into the spiritual aspects of a typical Indian family.

You will also be provided with recipe booklets to bring back so you can make this meal again when you return home!

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