Experience Mumbai the best way you can: by tantalizing your taste buds. Guided by an entertaining professional Chef, you'll sample regional Indian cuisines, learn about Indian culinary culture and discover a new appreciation of spices. Let your palate guide your senses with this food tour.

On this walking tour you will visit traditional restaurant to try authentic Indian Cuisine. The price includes all food and drinks served at the restaurants. Along the way, an English-speaking guide will explain tradition's behind Mumbai food and culture and advise on local specialties. Your local guide will guide you with Language and Translation, while providing Interesting fact's about Mumbai's history, culture and customs.

The tour begins by enjoying delicious Indian snacks and later North-Indian inspired appetizers in South Bombay's neighborhood. After appeasing your palate, make your way to the Fort District to enjoy cuisine inspired by India's coastal regions, where the food is mildly spiced all the while retaining a balanced flavor. Travel to the final destination, where you'll experience one of Mumbai's British-era restaurants for the main course. Walk through several historical sites, including St Thomas Cathedral and the Asiatic Library, and many more. On the we shall also serve you quite a few local delicacies, so Come hungry, that's the only requirement.

Once your stomach has been satisfied, end the tour with a dessert that will pacify your sweet tooth.

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