Half Day Private Trip To Sanjay Gandhi National Park From Mumbai Including The Kanheri Caves

Enjoy this half-day trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park from Mumbai. There you will explore the Kanheri caves - an important testimony of ancient monastic life of India and thanks to its convenient trade-route location, occupied continuously since the 1st century BC to the decline of Buddhism in 9th century AD. You will be able to explore the mixture of Hinayana Buddhism and the Mahayana architecture.

Once you are picked up in the morning by your driver, you will head off to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Once there, you will explore Buddhists caves at Kanheri, that are more than 2000 years-old. Its carvings and architectural styles portray the influence of the austere Hinayana Buddhism and the following Mahayana culture.

Carved into a cliff face, it served as a home to a large settlement of monks, whose daily life was filled mostly with study and prayers. You can admire various artefacts, such as water cisterns, intricate rock-carved stairways, halls and exquisite dwellings of senior monks.

Apart from admiring the caves, which are slightly hidden from the tourists, you can explore the part itself. Spread over a vast region of 9000 hectares, it is a home to various species of birds and animals, some of them endangered.

After sightseeing you will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, before heading back to your hotel.

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