Explore the wonder of Kanheri Caves and experience the rise of Buddhism at this 2000 year-old settlement. With rock-cut carvings, old living quarters and stairways chiseled into the hill, the caves are flooded with astounding relics from the 1st century BC. Take a jungle safari into the wilderness of the Kanheri area and experience peace in the middle of Mumbai’s crazy rush.

Get together at Sanjog Restaurant outside Borivali Station (East) at 9am, where you’ll meet your expert guide and proceed for an adventurous expedition. Board a tuk-tuk and ride past Mumbai’s busy lanes until you reach the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Collect your safari tickets from the counter and ride into the wilderness of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in a Jungle Safari, and enjoy an unaltered view of the forest, sitting on a forest Canter. In the company of your expert guide enjoy the 30 minute safari and spot some animals protected in the National park.

Post safari at 11am, walk back to the counter area and board a shared bus that will take you to the Kanheri Caves. These caves are over 2000 years old and provide a rare opportunity to understand the monastic life in ancient India. Preserved on a prosperous trade route, Kanheri saw continuous occupation from the 1st century BC, until the decline of Buddhism in the 9th century AD. The carvings and architecture of Kanheri reflect the older, more austere Hinayana Buddhism.

With water cisterns, clever stairways chiseled into the hill, group prayer halls, dining halls, dormitories, and the “superior” living quarters of senior monks, the Kanheri Caves are full of surprises. Learn from your guide the historical significance of these ancient ruins and take some amazing shots.

At 1:30pm, return back to the entrance gate, board a Tuk-Tuk and proceed for lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, get driven back to Borivali Station (East) and call it a day.

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