Book this private tour to experience the unique Bollywood! Learn how Mumbai and Bollywood go hand-in-hand and explore the unique culture of Bollywood filming. Learn Bollywood history, creativity and special effects used by the local filming industry. If you are lucky, you may bump into a famous Bollywood star and witness a popular movie to be made!

You will be picked up from your hotel or airport in Mumbai and taken to a location where a Bollywood movie is being shot.

Your tour guide will give you all the details on Bollywood history, standard shooting sequences, and many more. You will also be taken to a Bollywood studio and may even get a chance to meet some of the most popular Bollywood stars! From the period dramas of the 1950s to the experimental projects of today, Bollywood has come a long way. With formulaic story lines, spectacular dance sequences and larger than life heroes, Bollywood remains in the heart of Mumbai, in fact it is the heart of this city.

Enjoy a Bollywood dance show based on some popular film music. Also see a VFX clip that includes the latest techniques of using visual effects and a short film that shows you the history of Indian cinema. Have some snacks before your guide drops you off at your hotel or airport in Mumbai.

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