Get an in-depth look into the fascinating world of filmmaking in Mumbai, home to Indian film, on a Bollywood studio tour by private vehicle. From script to screen, see the process of creating Bollywood movies, serials and ads with an informative guide. In your 6-hour tour, you'll gain perspective on the historical, technical and creative aspects of filmmaking in India, which produces about 1,000 movies per year ' more than any other country. If you choose to upgrade to a 9-hour tour, watch a Bollywood film at a famous theater then relax over dinner afterward.

6-hour tour:
Meet your driver at your Mumbai hotel around 2pm and travel by private, air-conditioned vehicle to the Bollywood film studio. En route, your driver will inform you about what to expect on your Bollywood tour at SJ Studio in Andheri.

When you arrive at the SJ Studio complex, head into one of the Bollywood studios for a brief introduction about the origin and evolution of India's film industry, which has produced more than 67,000 films in at least 30 languages. Learn about the silent film era and the 'talkies' ' first introduced to India in the early 1930s ' as well as the increasing popularity of Bollywood cinema, which incorporates Hindi storytelling through dance, music and song.

Next, your studio guide will escort you to various movie sets, where you can observe the shooting of feature films, TV serials or ads (depending on the day). Here, experience the action of a set production as you see directors rehearsing dance choreography and hear sound mixers matching background music with sound effects.

With this up-close view, you'll gain insight into the everyday mechanics of moviemaking ' from set creation, animation, stunt doubles and special effects to dubbing, editing, film processing and publicity. You may even get a chance to pose for a photo with the film stars themselves. (Subject to availability or at the star's approval; if shooting is in progress, you will only be allowed to view it from a certain distance to avoid disturbance).

After your introduction to the fabulous world of filmmaking in Mumbai, return through the studio gates like a true Bollywood star to meet your private driver, who will drop you off at your hotel.

9-hour tour:
After your studio tours, head to Juhu and Bandra for a glimpse of some famous film stars' homes. In the evening, your driver will take you to watch a Bollywood movie screened at the Regal Theater, a world-class Art Deco theater established in 1933 on the Colaba Causeway. Afterward, head across the street to a local restaurant for a delicious Indian dinner before your driver returns you by private vehicle to your hotel.

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