There is no better wake-up call than that of Mumbai by dawn. Get picked up at 4am from your local hotel and drive to the local marketplace; from here you will see Mumbai’s life unfolding at dawn. Enjoy the bustling bazaar teeming with traders all set to do business. Meet the local traders who give life to Mumbai, selling vegetables, milk, fish, newspaper and other daily supplies. Walk around the local markets and get up-close to these vendors as you watch them and hear their stories. Take back a different perspective of Mumbai – the city of dreams.

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from or how that newspaper reaches your hotel room?

This tour gives you an insight into how trade works in Mumbai and the city's life that begins at dawn. The emphasis on fresh food in Mumbai makes mornings so important in terms of trade.

Get started with an early morning pick-up from your hotel at 4am. Drive to different marketplaces to see the business traders about their daily routine. Your first interaction will be with a newspaper vendor who sits sprawled at the edge of the street with his distribution network - busy yet available for a quick chat. Walk across the street to the fruit and vegetable wholesalers who are surrounded with men and women bargaining for fresh supplies for the day ahead.

If you are still sleepy – the next stop is bound to wake you up, the smell of fish! The Sassoon docks is an incredible experience. It is the city’s first wet dock and the only one open to the public. You will see the men throwing their catch of the day in big baskets to the dock. Once on the dock, you will see women who buy the fish and sell it here or in other parts of the city. Enjoy the dominance of the women in this area, hear them shout out rates they want for the fish.

The 4-hour tour ends with glimpses of daily lives - bread-boys carrying fresh bread from the bakery, the milkman riding past with milk cans tied to the sides of his bicycle, the flower market in full bloom and so much more.

Take back stories and bits of history shared by these traders and in return give them the joy of your interaction.

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